How and What to Donate to Book Aid

How to Donate
Condition is important. We strive to send the best, most up-to-date books we can. All donations should have clean pages with no highlighting or underlining.  Bindings should be sturdy.  With a few exceptions, we don't want heavy or oversized books.

In general, we do not recommend shipping books to us without checking with us first.  If you feel you have a special donation, please contact us. Sometimes, we have more books than we can use. Occasionally we can recommend other places for donations.

Frequently Requested Books
    * Children's Books - for all ages - preschool to teen levels, fiction and non-fiction
    * Classics - and simplified classics
    * Dictionaries in English, picture dictionaries, Spanish/English and French/English dictionaries
    * Encyclopedias on CD ROM.  Other information on CD ROM  (PC format) 
    * English readers and grammar
    * Crafts & how-to Books
    * Health, "Where There is No Doctor" type books
    * Science
    * Agriculture, vegetable gardening, beekeeping, animal husbandry
    * Ecology and environment
    * Books in Spanish or French for native speakers in all subjects 
    * Paperback editions of recent novels (mysteries, fiction, etc.)
    * National Geographic - no more than 5 years old

Text books (not older than 10 years) with up-to-date content are accepted.  We cannot use books with discolored pages or highlighting. If you have more than a few copies of a text, please check with us before donating. Please consider whether the book would be appropriate to send overseas.

Answering Your Questions:
1. Email if you have a question about making a book donation.
2. Call  203-655-2777during workshop hours (listed on the main webpage) or leave a message with details.  A volunteer will return your call.
3. Stop by our workshop during opening hours to discuss your donation with a volunteer.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I am cleaning out my parents' house and would like to donate the books to Darien Book Aid. When can I leave them?
A. In general, we can use very few books from house cleanouts. If you live in the Fairfield County, Connecticut area, we will try to arrange a time to look at your books and take what we can use. Please give us as much notice as possible.

Q. Our organization had a tag sale. Would you like the leftovers?
A. We probably cannot use the books for the same reasons they are left over from your sale - mostly age and condition. If you feel you have extraordinary books, please contact us about them.

Q. I live in Ohio and have a box of books Id like to donate. Will you pay for shipping?
A. No. We recommend you find a local program for your donation. 

Q. I can get gift cards from Amazon and Barnes and Noble with my frequent flyer points. Can you use them?
A. Yes. We can use them to purchase books in subjects where our inventory is low.

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